Shots Fired

I have shot many weapons in my life. And I have never been one to promote violence, but this is a violent world and sometimes to survive, a person has to fight back.

Speaking of fighting back, have you ever witnessed an argument, that turned violent. And even though you were not involved one of those involved in the argument turned to a fight, calls upon you for help. Well, I have been in such a situation, in fact, I have been brought into these type situations very often and even started at an early age. I witnessed my mother and father fighting often as a child, teenager, and young man. Not often but sometimes, my mother called upon me to help her because my father “appeared” to be out of control and her fear made her feel like she needed help. Now, to be honest, my father’s bark was far worse than his bite. He actually didn’t hit anyone, but he had a convincing threat potential. I saw arguments turn into fights as a soldier in the US Army, all the time. Guys from different parts of the US, brought together because, of the military, former gang members thrown together by the Army all of a sudden were sleeping in a bunk bed with their Ops. White and black men that normally wouldn’t have anything to do with each other, all of a sudden had to get along with each other. In the Army, you have people that listened to all types of music, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Rap and R&B, Gothic, Country music, everything really. And imagine someone blasting their music loud in the barracks, most times the guys would agree to a compromise with the volume level and how long and most times the environment was harmonious. Most times, but there were times when things just didn’t work out in the best interest of the community and fights would break out. But different to before, rarely did a person call out for help. It was just a loyalty issue, if you were loyal to one of the people fighting, some people jumped in the fight making the odds unfair.  Then of course when others would see an unfair fight, they jumped in too.  Fights often turned into brawls and people got hurt.  The fights were really too drastic, a lot of young men, in stressful situations, some of them first time away from home, or first time outside the US living in foreign countries.  If soldiers weren’t fighting amongst themselves, then they were fighting civilians and foreign local nationals in bars, strip clubs, and tattoo salons.  Alcohol often played a role in most of the fights.  Some of those guys loved to fight anyway and even sometimes that is what lead them to the Army in the first place. Now I was not the type to get into these fights and I was not the type to jump into these fights over really stupid things.  I always tried to break up the arguments and fights.

I have watched a friend and his girlfriend start an argument, running around the apartment screaming how much they love each other tearing up the apartment, the furniture.


So I am coming back to this Topic, because as old as I am now 48, before my last Birthday, end of last year – I got into a few fights.  Yeah how crazy is that,… me getting into a fight, not once but 2 times.  And one day after the next at that.  The first time, I was furious at someone and was frustrated afterwards, that the next days as some shit happened, my Patience was thin and the next guy just got punched in the face (he deserved it) but kinda without warning, Whamm!!! direct Right Hand jab in the face,… then I hit him a few mores times too.  I got proof recorded in photos.

Im still really upset About this whole thing, I kind of want to go public with names of the dumb asses that need to be taught a lesson. Because they hit women.  Men hitting women is the lowest excuse.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those guys that says hitting a woman is wrong, if you are hit, then hit back, but dont beat a woman, because theoretically men are stronger than women and shouldnt let things get out of hand physically.  OK,… Maybe a clue is the photos, without showing that faces of the Woman.

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