Dear God,

What should I do when I find someone that says “I Love you!”?

Why am I still such a Sucker for Love?

How many times am I going to fall in love for the ones that can leave me high and dry?

Why do I open myself to people that I don’t really know, but when they turn their back on me after getting to know me, I wonder why?

Am I the monster people must think I am?

When someone goes thru my personal things and find things they don’t like, how do I deal with the invasion of privacy?

Why do I always have problems with people in my life?

Why am I surrounded with people that seem to have such problems?

Why am I having so many problems in my life?

Should I give up on love and relationships?

Why do I let people into my life, then have to pick myself from the floor each time after those I let in just walk out of my life?

Is it ok to never try again?

Should I give up on myself?

Am I a bad person, but just don’t know it?

Why should anyone believe me, if I told them I didn’t pay for drugs, but the drugs were given to me, like smear money?

If the drugs were given to me and I didn’t want it, why didn’t I just throw the drugs away?

If a person says they love me, but can’t be with me does that really mean they love me?

Why do I feel so alone right now?

Why is my heart broken, after finding someone I thought was so special?

Why don’t I have the energy I once did for life?

What do I do when someone I love and who I thought loved me, loses faith in me?

Why does it seem like I can’t show the people I love what they need from me to stay in love with me?

Am I worthy of the love of others?

Do I question the trust of others too much?

Will I ever be happy?

Will I be alone the rest of my life?

Am I not able to make the necessary compromises to live with someone?

Do I have the strength to carry on with my life, if I remain alone?

Will I ever be alright after losing her for good?

Why do I feel so bad, even though I didn’t do anything?

Why can’t I stop crying?

Is the lose of love the reason older people give up on love?

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