Just heard about my Ex!

Wow, I’m in shock! I didn’t even see this coming! I can’t even hide it,… man I’m fucked up. I feel disgusted and a little dirty. A very good and reliable source told me my Ex wife, was proudly telling her that she goes to swinger clubs, has blind-sex dates at highway Reststops!! The quote was “she is a whole new woman!” The stories were so raunchy,… she was asked not to talk about the escapades! 😱 of course my head was fucked right away,… I don’t even know why this woman always tells me the truth! The same woman that told me the Ex. was having an affair in 2010,.. The same person my Ex said was a (fortune teller) or a witch that could tell the future!

And you thinking im just typing some shit. Every word is the fucking truth,.. I already say online,.. this is a major topic online,..and I can’t recall before it hit me between the eyes,… I never thought about how I’d feel. Then it dawned on me, a strange time when an “old friend” decided to come out with me and my best friends girlfriend [Cora] and her girlfriend [Cindy] to a really trashy club (never did that before in my life).

Latin Palast – Chango in Frankfurt am Main https://www.prosieben.de/tv/taff/video/profi-checkt-profi-1-clip2


I got wasted really quit, and some nasty chic was trying to kiss me!(In fact, I even remember she was going in my pants) My “old friend” left me at the club, he didn’t see that I went home with my my guests Cora and Cindy. This girl was drunker than me! I was sure that my so called friends, went and told my Ex. some wild story. This guy never even calls me anyway, I asked him what he wanted and we actually decided to meet up at this club! He don’t even keep up with me, he probably thinks this was something normal from me. I went and got drunk because I had gotten fired that same week! I don’t even know if I told him about losing my job! Or if I had told him my father was sick and everyone was telling me to go see him in the hospital! Or the fight I had with my Ex about the car I was paying for but was in her name. She wanted to see and leave me with her Fiat Punto. That was her plan for me. So I was feeling a little bit self destructive. And a Night drunk in a German metropolis city was exactly what’s on the menu to put my priorities in order! I have known this guy for almost 19 years! He never ever saw me like this in his life! It was something new for him! Never seen me dancing with my wife and drinking almost whatever someone would give me. I can remember I kept asking this drunk girl from Mannheim, what was wrong with Frankfurt! She was hating on Frankfurt, and I didn’t even care!

I think I wanted the old friend Marek to see me fake living it up! He was weak enough to be the one to follow thru and tell the events, probably even make a video as this generation of the youth are now a days! He’s been miserable for years too. A woman tore out his heart too! But that’s a whole different story!

Tonight I heard she’s a whole new woman. Doing all kinds of stuff,…. or was someone just pulling my strings! My source always tend to shock me. She has a way to showing me how my Ex wife is not who I ever thought what she was,.. at every opportunity shows me a person I was so deeply in love with was flawed as hell. She could see it but I was blind to it. And she didn’t hate my Ex wife. She seemed to always be honest to me,… because I never tried to win her favor, I always tried to be honest to her and she seemed to respect that about me. What’s so shocking for me is to hear how a person can change, then you see those changes right before your eyes. And realize that the same must be of me, the person I used to be, I must have also changed too. I want to believe that I’m still the same dude, I was back in the day. But to be honest, I had nightmares where I saw these things happening,… nightmare or dream. The fact that a room full of just men and my Ex (leaving a few details out or adding an atmosphere), could be a nightmare or simple dream, what makes the difference is how I feel about those few facts. But both scenarios are only in my head, I haven’t been in the same room with this person for a long time.


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