Back in Würzburg 2019

The first time I’ve been in Würzburg and didn’t really see Ursula. First time I slept in Würzburg in a hotel. But still it was one of the nicest times I’ve spent in Würzburg.

Ursula, she’s like my German mother. I was probably the first of her many to come foster like kids. She took care of me and is probably the reason, I can even speak German. She looked after me like her own child. I would even say she loved me like I was her own. She was more of a mother to me than my mother in law, that’s for sure.

A photo from the 80’s when relatives came to visit us, a we took a trip to Würzburg. That’s me on the far right, next to my uncle Job (Billy) looking like Tubbs from Miami Vice.

A photo of Ursula while on Vacation somewhere in Europe.

Me and Momma taken from the first time in Germany in the 70’s. I have some major history from this city. Mostly cultural memories.

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